Eastern Florida Alliance of Media Producers

Your Dreams to Screens

Welcome to the Eastern Florida Alliance of Media Producers (EFAMP). We are a Florida-based mutual support group that serves the Florida area roughly bounded by Daytona to the North, Orlando to the West, Melbourne to the East, and Fort Pierce to the South.

EFAMP was initiated in April 2023 to capitalize on the development of practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, computer and camera hardware/software advancements, and virtual communications to provide unique opportunities for our members.  We achieve this by sponsoring training seminars led by subject matter experts, conducting tailored field events that allow our members to practice newly acquired skills, and issuing creative challenges where participants can show off their talents and win prizes.

If you’re looking to be a professional media producer, or a professional media subject, this is a session you’ll definitely want to catch. If you’re just creative and want to learn how to do some really cool stuff, this will be good for you as well. I think most of you will be very surprised at what you can do with readily accessible tools.

So, come out on Thur, June 6,  2024, to 1089 South Patrick Drive, in Satellite Beach. The session starts at 6:30 but we’ll have the doors open at 6PM for meet and greets and socializing.

We’ll cover the EFAMP projects: the ones that we have shot and the ones launching into production in the near term. We will discuss our plans to support the MIFF, more details about Atlanta, and some of the other Brevard efforts that the group is supporting.
… and we’ll be giving folks a chance to network and socialize, both at the meeting and afterwards, which should truly be one of the key reasons people should always try to attend in-person sessions.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide unique skill development and creative opportunities for our members using correlated virtual communications, in-person meetings, and field events.

Creative Challenges

Our creative challenges are intended to get folks working together and force participants to think in new ways They’re designed to push people outside of their comfort zone.  They’re open to both our membership and the general public.

Skills Development

We try to promote skills development in staged sequences, starting with a virtual session to cover basic skills, followed by a field exercise for hands-on practice, and then the actual event. Unlike our creative challenges, these events are tailored to subsects of our membership.

Media Projects

We support both native group and associate media projects, including for-profit efforts. EFAMP selects efforts that we believe will allow our members to showcase their skills and have fun in the process.

Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded creatives that seek to push beyond thier current limits and have fun in the process. If that sounds like you, we hope you’ll join us. Let’s see what we can create together.